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1.09.2016 – 31.07.2019
New energy for new European citizens

Our partner schools: Beaupréau (France), Tűbingen (Germany), Heerlen (The Netherlands), Suceava (Romania)
Renewable energy has now been an important topic for a few years in Europe but, even if its part in the global energy production has grown a little, it still remains important to discuss about the best ways of producing energy in Europe. With this project, we want to inform students, children, parents and teachers about the chances and risks of renewable energy. Within the project, the students meet in different countries in multinational groups. They discover different places, where renewable energy is produced, the region and the surroundings. They learn how these power plants work and the characteristic requirements to produce renewable energy just in these places. During each meeting the students work in multinational groups and produce together the presentations they will use afterwards in primary schools. We are going to arrange four students’ meetings and two teachers’ meetings in three years. In each meeting of about 30 students and 10 teachers from 5 countries, the students will get to know each other first and form multinational groups. Then, we propose them to visit places where renewable energy is produced and to prepare different kinds of presentations in workshops. They create a document or a small humorous presentation for children in English.
At the end of the project, we want to organize an exhibition in every participating country with all the presentations and documents where all the project partners will take part. Children, students, parents, teachers, the partner organisations and all the interested people will be invited to form their own opinion about the useful and destructive power of energy. They can see different places all over Europe where energy is produced and compare them to their own region.
With this project, we want to make students, children, parents and teachers aware of the needful and destructive power of energy.
Students in secondary education, not only the younger ones, often don’t identify with the results of their work. They work for school and for high marks but not for a higher education or a better world . Many of them live in a passive way, they consume a lot but don’t create things or change the circumstances they live in. With this project, we want to encourage students to become active participants of the political discussion about renewable energy. So, during the transnational meetings, the students get a lot of new information about renewable energy first and become aware that energy is precious and dangerous at the same time. They improve their technical understanding and train the comprehension of complex energy producing processes. If you want to change things, the first and most important step is to get information. Only well informed people can make good decisions. Only well informed people can find their opinions and stand up for their ideas. Getting objective information is one of the most important aspects in democracy.
The second step is to give information. If you want to change things, you have to convince others to be on your side. So, during the transnational meetings, the students produce informative and funny presentations and documents about different types of energy. They will do this work in multinational groups. As they come from different regions of Europe, they will include their different cultural and ecological experiences and create presentations in valid and understandable English all over Europe.
By the work in multinational groups, we encourage the students to work abroad, also with people they don’t really know, to become open minded and tolerant and to learn a lot about the civilisation and culture of the hosts.
This is the first time that these partners do a multinational project with students discovering places where energy is produced all over Europe in the context of the relative country and its special political and geographical situation.
We plan to achieve multidimensional results including:
  1. on a school level:
    • diversification of teaching methods by including field studies and research done by students in partner countries. The results will contain posters, digital presentations, movies, leaflets, which in turn will be used on different lessons in the future (as teaching materials).
    • an increase in foreign language competences due to students' cooperation with their partner peers, presentations done in English and the use of English as the main language during all the project meetings and workshops.
    • better awareness and understanding of various European realities and legal backgrounds in the field of energy production.
    • an improvement of the students' digital skills by searching information and preparing different kinds of IT presentations.
    • the improvement of the students' capacity to work and to cooperate within a team.
  2. on a local level:
    • cooperation with local companies and institutions involved in renewable energy field.
    • cooperation with local primary schools where our students will teach younger ones the results of their research and studies. By transmitting knowledge to pupils they will change from passive recipients to active members of modern society.
    • integration of the local society (relatives, neighbours, friends) into our project actions.
  3. on a national and international level:
    • a better understanding of the global impact of your own personal behaviour concerning energy consumption.
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